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What next for Get Indie Gaming?

What next for Get Indie Gaming?

Happy New Year to you all!  Hope you had a wonderful holiday and you’re nicely rested this side of the festivities. So what’s next for Get Indie Gaming? 

Things have been going really well for us and our channel over on YouTube.  Oct thru Dec saw huge growth across the channel, more than any other time since we began uploading indie game content around three years ago. Our rundown of the best looking games coming out in 2020 and our GOTY video were some of the best received videos we’ve ever done.  

While this is of course all amazing, we also worked damn hard on making this content, more so than ever before. Looking at the numbers, if we had more time, GIG could be a full time business.

However, A/B testing shows YouTube’s monetisation and recommendation engine push some content more than others. However, to be honestest, this influences our coverage and the type of content we produce. While we love pulling together our countdowns and other similar material, we know we can do more with Get Indie Gaming for viewers, developers and the indie game community alike.

With this in mind, over the next 6 – 8 weeks we plan to research ways in which we’re able to expand GIG’s income without using more in-video adverts. We favour a membership model such as offered via the Patreon service although we need time to scope out how such a value-for-value business model could work and, how as a small team, we would engage and commit to such a benefit-led system. We also need to define our targets, goals and consider what benefits you wonderful viewers might engage with the most. More on this over the next few weeks to come.