Week in Review – September 29th, 2019

The Week in Review is a collection of things or links to be precise, of news stories and whatnots I’ve found interesting.  In general these are video game related although other items such as technology or pieces of other related news filter into this feed every once in a while

Videos upload this past week to the YouTube:

It was a slower week for video creation than of late. Much of this was due to something that happened around a few posts and tweets around Overland. More on that below:

  1. Monday: 10 More Indie Games Trailers to Watch
  2. Friday: 10 More Indie Games to Buy on the Nintendo eShop
Things I found interesting this week on the Interwebs:

1 – On the Thursday just gone I noticed the fine folks at Finji had implemented a Dyslexia safe, if that’s a really a thing on their Overland game that’s just launched.  I posted out a few tweets on the matter which saw Finji respond and was then picked up by some of the larger games media.  More on that here: link.

2 – The support for Untitled Goose Game goes from strength to strength. Here’s blink 182 spreading the word.

3 – As reported in The Verge and other media outlets, Elgato announced a new rigging system designed for streamers and other creators. Sure you can get a similar set up for way less $$ and yet I’ve not seen anything like this in terms of how clean and tidy the overall set up looks.  Elgato are smart. They are targeting their kit towards a moneyed niche segment and yes, I’m a fan.

4 – The comments section in YouTube as many of you know is one heck of an “interesting” place.  Moderating things has traditionally been rather hard and yet this week just gone, YouTube rolled out a few new services to help creators filter out the stuff they dont want to see.

5 – If you have a Tesla and many do here in NL you can now play Cuphead in it / on it:

6 – Twitch rolled out many an update to their service at their annual TwitchCon event. Some of the largest and most reaching changes are linked to how adverts are handled on the site: Link

7 – Given the well publicised issues, it really feels iOS 13.0 should not have shipped in the state it came out in. Thankfully the Apple ladies and gents have rolled at a much needed update: Link


And with that, many thanks for reading.

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