Week in Review – September 22nd, 2019

The Week in Review is a collection of things or links to be precise, of news stories and whatnots I’ve found interesting.  In general these are video game related although other items such as technology or pieces of other related news filter into this feed every once in a while.

Videos uploaded this week top the YouTube:
  1. Monday: The First 19 Mins of Mutazione
  2. Tuesday: Top 5 Indie Game Hidden Gems for September 2019
  3. Thursday: Mutazione Review
  4. Saturday: Untitled Goose Game Review
Things I found interesting this week on the Interwebs

1 – Millions around the World joined the global protest this week. While we can all play our part, what’s needed to make the real difference that’s needed comes to government legislation and a step change within our global economic stems.

2 – YouTube took away a truck load of peoples verified check ticks. And then following the expected backlash, they went into reverse and said sorry, what were we thinking.  Kind of.

YouTube Sad Panda

3 – Apple Arcade launched and boy isn’t it a fine package for folks wanting to game while mobile and also take control of their user experience. With no adverts in game or micro transactions and a subscription model that can be shared with 5 others…. Well that’s pretty darn cool!  Oh and the games. There are some crackers on the platform from launch. More please!

4 – Untitled Goose Game launched this past Friday the 20th and it’s great.  My thoughts on all of its honking and fowl goodness can be found here.  The team behind the game spoke to Games Industry Biz on a number of topics including their decision to go exclusive with Epic: Link

Untitled Goose Game

5 – Speaking of Epic. In a rare and candid piece again to Games Industry Biz, the parent company of 505 Games were paid over $10 for Control PC exclusivity: Link

6 – I played far, far too much of What the Golf via Apple Arcade.  It’s ace and it’s coming to consoles in October.

7 – I’ve had few few plays at Afterparty over the last 6 months and it’s set to launch towards the end of October.  It’s coming onto Home Computer via Epic, the PS4 and Xbox with a Switch port expected later in the year. This comes from Oxenfree developer and I’m hoping it will spice up my Halloween celebrations.

And with that, I’m about done for this week. Many thanks for reading!

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