Week in Review – October 6th, 2019

The Week in Review is a collection of things or links to be precise, of news stories and whatnots I’ve found interesting.  In general these are video game related although other items such as technology or pieces of other related news filter into this feed every once in a while

Videos upload this past week to the YouTube:

It was another busy week for me out in the real World which saw me travel to Germany, the UK and Northern Ireland. That said, I took my lap top and travel mice with me and penned the following videos:

  1. Tuesday: Top 10 Indie Games for October 2019
  2. Thursday: 10 Indie Game Trailers to watch this October 2019
Things I found interesting this week on the Interwebs:

As I’ve been traveling a fair bit, I’ve not had my ear too close to the ground. That said, here’s a few things I read up on and wanted to share.

1 –  The new mobile spin off of the Call of Duty series did some serious numbers. In three days the app was downloaded more than 35 million times and became the No. 1 app in more than 100 countries. Link.

2 – I’m a fan of Apple Arcade. The relatively low cost of $4.99 a month to have access to more than 100+ games from launch is hugely appealing. The Verge penned a piece I rather like about how Apple Arcade is a home for premium content that lost it’s place within the free to play avalanche that is mobile gaming. Link.

3 – Filed under the section well it’s about flipping time, Sony’s SIE CEO Jim Ryan spoke with Wired and announced PS4 cross play has moved out of the beta stage.  Again. It’s about flipping time. Link. 

4 – One of the best indie games of the month, Untitled Goose Game got played with a custom costume and controller.  This is the best sort of odd I’ve seen a while. Link.

5 – Another week goes by and we have yet another personal data leak. This time EA appears to have been somewhat frugal with the data of up to 1,600 players signing up to a tournament. Link. 

6 – I noted with sadness the passing of John Kirby. John was key to the successful defence of Nintendo during a a trademark and copyright infringement suit brought by Universal City Studios over the Donkey Kong character. Link.

And with that, many thanks for reading.

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