Week in Review – October 20, 2019

The week in review is a collection of the YouTube videos I posted over the previous week and a few things I found interesting on the Internet I wanted to Share:

Videos from Last Week:

Tuesday: Felix the Reaper First Impressions. 

Thursday: Top 20 Indie Games to See at EGX 2019.

Things I found Interesting on the Internet:

1 – As reported in The Verge, Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure which came out last Friday 18 of October is pretty good at what it does. I had a go at the EGX 2019 event just gone and found I was able to exercise at a fairly decent rate.  Apparently it’s also really quite good for drinking games. Link.

2 – The Xbox Game Pass is going from strength to strength. Agostino Simonetta, ID@Xbox lead shared data showing Game Pass users are also playing 40% more games, including outside of the Game Pass. Link.

3 – With the Google Stadia service launching in November, it’s wireless controller will only work at launch on TV. Players wanting to game with the controller on PC, laptop and mobile will still need to be wired up. Link.

4 – Disco Elysium, a game I didn’t particularly enjoy has so far done really rather well with other reviewers. It’s currently sitting at a 90+ Metacritic score which, well you know is really rather good.

5 – EGX Rezzed was a real hoot taking place over the weekend just gone. I took a few snaps of folks playing a few games and generally  For a taste of the show and what you might have missed, head on over to their homepage. Link.

EGX 2019
An EGX Gamer

6 – Fortnite did a thing with a black hole and a new map. It’s not my cup of tea and yet man alive have people had fun over all of this. Link.

7 – The countdown to Black Friday and Cyber Monday has begun. If you fancy a look into the differences between the two, you could do worse than checking out Tech Radar’s overview. Link.

And with that, many thanks for reading.

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