Week in Review – October 13, 2019

The Week in Review is a collection of things or links to be precise, of news stories and whatnots I’ve found interesting.  In general these are video game related although other items such as technology or pieces of other related news filter into this feed every once in a while

Videos upload this past week to the YouTube:

It was a slower week for video creation than of late. Much of this was due to something that happened around a few posts and tweets around Overland. More on that below:

Things I found interesting this week on the Interwebs:

1 – As reported on The Verge, Lewis Gordan got around the table with 12 indie developers to talk about how they get the money to finance their game development.  The report is highly detailed and a sobering read given how much effort clearly involved even for games with a reasonable amount of interest and PR behind them.

2 – Oh Blizzard!  Spineless is the kindest word I’ll use to describe the farce they brought on themselves this past week. Link here for more information via Business Insider.

3 – Steam have added the ability to play local co-op games with friends online.  This all kicks off on October 21. Link.

4 – If you fancy getting hold of your own 100& unofficial replica Goose from Untitled Goose Game well now you can.  A Thingiverse user has uploaded a free model to download which builds the Goose by way of a number of parts. Fun!

5 – ICYMI and I doubt anyone did, Playstation announced their PS5 will drop in time for “holidays 2020”. Link

6 – As preported by Rock Paper Shotgun, by all accounts Fortnite is too addictive, so says a lawyer who suggests Epic Games worked with psychologists to make the game “as addictive as possible”. The aim here is to go after Epic with a class-action suit along the same lines as those used against tobacco firms. Link.

7 – BBC Radio 3 are making a show about game music.  For those that don’t know, Radio 3 is usually associated with classical music and very specialist non second part of the Last Night of the Proms too.  I covered this earlier in the week.

And with that, many thanks for reading.

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