Week in Review – November 3, 2019

The week in review is a collection of the YouTube videos I posted over the previous week and a few things I found interesting on the Internet I wanted to Share:

Videos posted on YouTube: 

Monday: 10 indie trailers to watch this October – Part 2

Thursday: Top 20 indie games to play at EGX Berlin 2019

Saturday: The Top 10 New Indie Games to See this November 2019 

Things I found Interesting on the Internet:

1 – Way off indie gaming topic wise and yet hugely intersting, Google have bought Fitbit for 2.1 Billion USD. DC Rainmaker, the prolific sports tech blogger and renowned expert drills into this purchase in forensic detail. Link. 

2 – Microsoft’s Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is out and about although coming with a 180 USD price tag, that’s some mighty expensive piece of plastic.  So is it any good?  Well the reviews generally give it a good old thumbs up. Here’s a piece on the controller as seen in The Verge. Link.

3 – If you haven’t yet seen it, Steam’s newly updated Steam Library is available and out of Beta and I’m rather partial to the all round new look and feel. More info via Steam.

4 – Death Stranding’s reviews are in and for the most part, those not looking for the pointy end of the Metacritic system are calling it a messy if qualified success. Games Industry Biz have a decent wrap up overview. Link. 

5 – It’s November which mean’s Black Friday is on its way.  That’s one Genie the retail world would love to stuff back into the bottle but hey ho, that horse is long gone.  RPS put a Everything you Need to Know piece which may come in handy for some.  Link.

6 – The Hellblade devs have announced a research project to investigate mental health wellbeing and to reduce associated suffering. Link.

7 – The Haunted Island – A Frog Detective Game can be yours for under 1 USD and yes, you should go pick it up right now! Link to Humble Store. Kudos to Destructoid for giving me the nudge on this little bargain.

And with that, many thanks for reading.

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