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Week in Review: January 12th, 2020

Week in Review: January 12th, 2020

After a hiatus towards the end of last year, it’s back!  The Week in Review is a collection of things or links to be precise, of news stories and whatnots I’ve found interesting.  In general these are video game related although other items such as technology or pieces of other related news filter into this feed every once in a while

Videos upload this past week to the YouTube:

Wednesday: Best 10 indie games on the Nintendo Switch eShop for January 2020

Sunday: The best 10 indie game hidden gems of 2019

Things I found interesting this week on the Interwebs:

1 – Fab read here from Matthew Ball on the what the how and the why video games are replicating and adding value onto traditional video business models: Link 

2 – As reported via The Verge and other news outlets, Microsoft have indicated their new Xbox Series X won’t have exclusive first-party games at launch: Link

3 – Again, another catch from The Verge.  Nintendo are now selling an official stylus for the Switch although it seems mighty hard to get hold of: Link 

4 – VVVVVV or just V featured in our run down of the best games of the past decade a month or so ago and now if you fancy it, you can go ahead and have a play with its code: Link 

5 – So not games related as such, and yet here’s an hour or so with Netflix’s Ted Sarandos. He details there are no plans to cover sport or news, and talks through how everyone is a click away from cancelling: Link 

6 – With CES just over for another year, Digital Trends have a piece on the best and coolest gaming tech from the show.  If only I had the space for the Pong table: Link

7 – Then we have this, something from us that’s coming in a few weeks time, our Patreon for 2020

And with that, many thanks for reading.