Home News Wayward Souls out today in Early Access

Wayward Souls out today in Early Access

Wayward Souls out today in Early Access

Out today in Early Access, Wayward Souls: Curse of Shadow, is a story driven action RPG coming with a SNES inspired look and feel that’s instantly recognisable for fans of the console.

With procedurally driven dungeons and six playable characters, seven once the game comes out of Early Access, each with their own backstory, bosses to see off and plenty NPCs to natter away with.

Coming from the same developers who gave as Death Road to Canada, a game we featured in our June edition of our Indie Game Hidden Gems series, while not as riotous or silly, given their heritage you can certainly expect Wayward Souls to offer some good natured quirkiness.

Expected to to stay within Early Access for the next 3 to 7 months, Wayward Souls is out now on Steam for £8,36 / 8.99€ / $10.79USD


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