Truberbrook New Trailer Shows Off New Game Footage

In a recent email to backers of their Kickstarter campaign that raised close to €200,000 vs. a target of €80,000 the folks behind Trüberbrook have shown off a brand new  trailer with some more in game footage and my goodness doesn’t it look fabulous?

You can see the brand new trailer below:

Telling their backers, now they are in the final stages of production, they only wanted to use unaltered in game material to so to give an impression of what the game looks and feels like.

Trüberbrook follows an American physics student, Hans Tannhauser, who unexpectedly wins a trip to a German village full of strange folks and weird happenings. It turns out there’s far more to his visit than just luck. In fact, he’s meant to be there. He’s meant to save the world.

With this new footage of the hand-crafted world of Trüberbrook in action, it seems easy to forget this is a point-and-click adventure, rather than a Hollywood led miniature animation. Trüberbrook is we believe expected to land later this year and boy we can’t wait to play it.


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