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Top 5 New Indie Games out This Week

Top 5 New Indie Games out This Week

Welcome to a new series where we take a look at the best 5 indie games out this week:

5. Bad Dream Fever

From the team behind the Bad Dream series, Bad Dream Fever delivers more macabre point and click puzzling. Out November 15 for PC.

4. StickyBots

Looking like Super Meat Boy with guns, this is a frantic platformer where timing is key. You can also battle it out with your pals in multiplayer. Out November 16 for PC Early Access.

3. Distraint 2

This is a side-scrolling horror game with a strong story, full of twists and turns. The original game is currently on sale if you want to check that out first. Out November 13 for PC.

2. Underworld Ascendant

From immersive sim grandfather Warren Spector and some of the team behind the original Deus Ex, this is a dungeon crawler where you carve your own path and come up with creative solutions to problems. Out November 15 for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

1. Bad North

This charming RTS is already out for Nintendo Switch, but it’s heading to PC this week. It’s strategy stripped back to the essentials, blending real-time with pausing to create a lovely blend of panic and planning. Out on November 16 for PC.


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