Top 5 Indie Game Hidden Gems for September

As we come towards the end of September, here’s our Top 5 picks for indie games we think more people should play.  We’ve a varied bunch this month and please feel free to make any additional suggestions down in the comments section.

5) Floor Kids

Septembers number 5 hidden gem and one that came out early doors this year and certainly hasn’t been played in anything like the numbers it truly deserves.  Here we have a rhythm game about good old fashioned classic break dancing to some old school tunes care of Kid Koala, one of the scenes long time heroes.

Recently backed with a touring stage show of sorts, Floor Kids offers an easy to understand gameplay mechanic which has you throwing some cool as shapes with a flick and a turn of the controller – while not specifically billed as such, we got the most enjoyment of this one via couch party play time with friends and family.

It’s all pure good old time fun that never takes itself too seriously and in Floor Kids, we have something for more than the Heads and those who know.

4) The King’s Bird

At number 4, The Kings Bird came out on PC in late August. While 2D platformers are two a penny, The Kings Bird combines an artsy style with its greens and oranges and  with fluid flying mechanics and easy to master controls in a way few others have delivered of late.  While the story is fairly simolistic and nothing too much to write home about that sees you acuirring an old hidden power it delivers some pretty spectacular moments.

It’s certainly easy to play at first although the difficulty does ramp up towards the later stages of the game. The Kings Bird delivers a casual and enjoyable experience perfectly suited as something to unwind with come the end of a stressful day.

3) Inked

Taking the number three slot for September, we have Inked, a stunningly and absolutely gorgeous puzzle game about a hero without a name or voice who lays down their sword in place of a pen.

It comes with stories within a story where the game pivots back to the viewpoint of the artist penning the work and features their room that’s in a bit of a state following a harrowing event whereby they’re using their art as a medium to channel their grief and anger.

The puzzles are straightforward for the most part although the real draw, pun most certainly intended, comes from the beautiful artistry at play. Joining this we have an on point and subtle music score that’s perfectly in keeping with the rest of the game. Inked launched in April this year on the PC.

2) Shaolin Vs. Wutang

At this months number two, we have Shoalin vs Wutang, a rare as hens teeth indie game beat em up that forgoes many of the clichés within such genres to present a game that features a fine selection from various schools of martial arts using anonomouse protagonists.

Given the art work at hand here together with the music and character designs, this one’s certainly a homage to the 1970s martial arts films we watched, or at least one of us did back in our youth. As for the actual fighting, it plays well enough with few monstreously long combinations to learn.

You of coruse can punch, kick and hit with a weapon with various degress of strength and hardness. All in all its another great fun game that’s enjoyable to play and one that deserves a higher spot in peoples wish lists.

1) Flipping Death 

At the top of the pile for September, Flipping Death from Zonik sees you play as penny, where death has gone on holiday and let you in charge. Penny soon learns she’s able to help restless spirits with their unfinished business by popping backwards and forwards between the land of the dead and the land of the living.

Flipping Death is quite honestly a bundle of fun with its quirky offbeat sense of laughs and with Penny and many of the other characters you find characters and dialogue that’s full of character.

The overall design and how it all plays together with fun puzzles, engaging action platforming and a clever end mean for us, Flipping death is high;y recommended.  Out now on all the usual platforms expect mobile with a physical version expected soon for the PS4 and the Switch.

With Flipping Death making it to the pointy end of this months rundown, it’s soon time to wrap things up for this month’s selection. As always, many thanks for reading.


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