The top 10 best indie games on the Nintendo Switch

With the Nintendo Switch going from strength to strength, here are the Get Indie Gaming’s Top 10 best Nintendo Switch indie games you should own. With the Nintendo Switch becoming even more popular for indie games in 2019, we decided to take a look once more at the top 10 best Nintendo switch indie games you should own own and play. Have our picks changed much in 2019, well let’s dive in to find out…..

In making this list of the top 10 best Nintendo indie games you should own, Get Indie Gaming used a subjective measure of the best indie games we admire and love that are available at the time the video airs in November 2019. It is by its nature a compromise and yet it is the best measure we have.

For a view of the top 20 best indie games of the decade on any platform, check out the countdown here: Link.

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