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The Tide Has Turned for No Man’s Sky & Half Price on PC

The Tide Has Turned for No Man’s Sky & Half Price on PC

No Man’s Sky is once again at the top position on Steam following the release of the NEXT 1.5 version update and its subsequent 50 percent of sale on the PC version.  The game’s also come onto the Xbox One and at the time of publication Amazon has it listed as their number 1 best seller for games on the Xbox platform.

From player reviews, footage seen within numerous Twitch Streams together with the overall positivity of recent player reviews left on the game’s Steam page, it feels the game has finally reached a worthwhile tipping point to go back and take another look.

“This update marks the two year anniversary of No Man’s Sky, and a lot has changed,” the developer wrote in the update’s patch notes. “This is an important next step on our journey.”

As widely reported, the update is free and will bring with it weekly challenges together with extended base building and a squad based multiplayer, features many had expected to come when No Man’s Sky launched back in 2016.

As many regulars here and on our YouTube Channel will recall, No Man’s Sky suffered a tremendous backlash when it launched with the team at Hello Games together with journalists and YouTubers who covered the game in the run up to launch received death threats and other all-round unpleasantness.

No Man's Sky Next Patch Notes

In the wake of the initial launch, while many criticised Hello Game’s for not speaking to their community and the games media at large, you can in retrospect understand their reasons for doing so. In a recent interview with Eurogamer, when asked why they took the stance they did, Sean Murray said:

“People ask what we did, and I don’t think we did anything particularly good or clever,” “I’m not sure anyone can — an angry mob is crowdsourcing ways to make your life difficult, and they know how to do that. So I did what I did when I was a kid when I was getting shit at school or when I’ve had shitty bosses. I threw myself into work and made games.”

So far the update seems to have gone down well with players. A look at the Steam homepage shows a “mixed” review score with as we write this nearly 85,000 responses, rather than the “mostly negative” has it has done so pretty much since day one.  A fact not missed by Sean Murray who took to Twitter to give this news a little shout out.

Sure, not everyone is happy with the update but when is there consensus on anything? The current version is night and day more polished than what came to us at launch. While we have no further insight into where the game will go next (coat please!) if more content and features are added,  we’re confident to say fans of the game  will be playing No Man’s Sky for many years to come.


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