The morbid but delightful Felix the Reaper lands October 17th

Felix the Reaper, a comedic dance infused love story between underworld Civil Servents lands on Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, Switch, PS4 and Home Computers on October 17th.

Felix the Reaper comes from the Danish Studio Kong Orange with the team working on the game for the past three or so years. It stars Felix and the love of his life Betty The Maiden. Sadly Felix works for the Ministry of Death and Betty has a job at The Ministry of Life.

Kong Orange have used stop motion animation of professional dancers and it really shows in the animation. The game is also smattered with imagery of the macabre and although having you kill off humans to order, the honour seems to be handled with a light touch.

I had hands on time with Felix the Reaper back in early 2018 and even then my short time with Felix was great fun. You can see my early take on Felix the Reaper in the video below. ┬áHere’s to throwing some shapes with Felix the Reaper come October 17th.

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