The Binding of Isaac Four Souls Beats Its Kickstarter Goal by Over 5000%

The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls a card game based on the ever popular The Binding of Isaac, saw huge support for its crowd-funding campaign through Kickstarter, taking in more than 5000% of its initial target.  We briefly touched on this as part of our week in review, although it’s worth having a closer look.

Created by Edmund McMillen, this official Binding of Isaac multiplayer card game, about sacrifice, betrayal and hoarding was announced in late June with it being stacked full of the much loved and well-known beasties from  the original critically aclaimed video game.

The Kickstarter campaign was an unprecedented success with it hitting its target of $50,000 within 75 minutes of its launch. Come the end of the campaign which finished late last week, $2,650,780 had been pledged by 38,334 backers.

The latest incarnation of The Binding of Isaac franchise has players choose a given  character card, three loot cards, and three pennies. As for the gameplay, players will take turns playing the loot cards and attacking monsters to gain resources used to purchase items. Eventually players will take on bosses and collect their souls with the first person to gain four souls winning the game.

The Binding of Isacc: Four Souls is scheduled to be ship worldwide this November.  In the meantime, The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Linux.


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