State of Mind Launches August 15th

State Of Mind is a story-driven adventure launching on the PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox on August 15th and can be pre-ordered now.

State of Mind

Like Deus Ex, Altered Carbon, and a handful of others within the much loved cyberpunk genre, State of Mind revolves around the concept of transhumanism.

Transhumanists believe that humanity’s technological development is exponential and we are inches away from the event transhumanists call Singularity, also known as the point when artificial intelligence becomes greater than our own. Check out the new trailer below:

The game takes place in Berlin in the year 2048, where humanity is lacking resources, crime is on the rise, war seems imminent, and illnesses are caused by polluted air and water.

Players will join Journalist, father,  and  fierce  tech-critic  Richard  Nolan who having returned home after a stay in hospital having  survived  what  appeared  to  be  a  car  accident,  he  finds  his  life  in  utter  tatters.

He has  memory  problems,  his  wife  and  son  have  mysteriously  gone  missing,  and  on  top  of  it  all,  he  has  to  deal  with  a  new  household  robot.

Richard starts  to  investigate,  and  quickly  gets  entangled  in  a  web  of  conspiracies,  involving  mysterious  research  files,  bohemian  dealers,  and  the  protagonists  of  Berlin’s  underground  anarchist  tech  scene.

His investigations  finally  lead  him  to  a  stunning  discovery:  He  has  been  subject  to  a  mind  upload.  The  upload,  however,  has  gone  wrong.  As  a  result,  he  is  still  living  in  reality  and  an  incomplete  second  version  of  himself  now  exists  in  a  Virtual  Reality  project.  Both  versions  of  the  same  person,  both  with  interspersed  memories.

Launching August 15th and priced at 29.99USD / EUR on the PC and 39.99USD / EUR on the PS4, Switch and Xbox One, State of Mind will come with 15 + hours of gameplay and comes with a PEGI 16 age rating. We’re planning on picking this up on the PC with a full review to follow post Embargo mind August.


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