Journey Developer Sending Out More Beta Invites for Sky

Thatgamecompany, the team behind the seminal indie game Journey are sending out Beta invitations for Sky, their new game expected to launch later this year on iOS.  These email invitations follow an earlier round of closed Beta testing from around April this year.

Sky Game
Copy of part of the Email Invite for Sky Game Beta

Full disclosure: one of the team members here at received an invite to try the game. The’ve spent close to two hours getting to grips with the controls and diving into the story.  So far they seem happy enough although they’ve mentioned a few times there seems, in their opinion at least, to be too much camera lens flare going on which of course is all very personal to them.

While so far no date has been given for the launch of Sky, it is expected to come out between now and the end of the year.  We understand Sky will come out first onto the iOS platform and other platforms at a later date.  Thatgamecompany have also kept the game’s plot lines and story fairly close to their chest’s. That said, having put a few hours into Sky we’re able to confirm it’s a multi player offering that sees players flying around a Journey like environment and so far, it looks rather wonderful.

Sky is the fourth release from Thatgamecompany, famous for Flower, Flow and of course Journey, the latter having gained near universal critical acclaim following its launch in 2012. We will continue to watch out for more information on Sky and will come back to you all on our first impressions of playing the Beta.


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