Plenty New Indie Switch Games are Coming Out Soon

With the 2018 Nintendo Nindies Summer Showcase all wrapped up, there are plenty new indie games coming to the Switch Soon. Amongst them we have Bastion, Towerfall and the adorable looking Mineko’s Night Market. These three are just a handful of the games shown off during the show.

New Indie Switch Games
Out Today on the Switch: Into the Breach

Here’s a full overview of all of the games we saw and their release dates:

  • Hyperlight Drifter lands on Switch on September 6
  • Towerfallcomes to Switch on September 27
  • Treasure Stack comes to Switch this winter
  • The odd looking arcade game Zarvot comes to Switch this October
  • The adorable Mineko’s Night Market arrives on the Switch in early 2019
  • Samurai Gunn 2 also lands on the Switch in early doors 2019
  • Bullet Age is out November 2018
  • The World Next Door, a narrative adventure game, hits Switch in early 2019
  • Levelhead, a platformer where you build levels and play other people’s, hits Switch in November 2018
  • King of the Hat, a hat-based party game where characters try to knock one another’s hats off, is coming early 2019
  • Untitled Goose Game, “part stealth, part sandbox, and all goose simulator,” also out early next year

Here’s a few more release dates:

  • Wasteland 2 – September 13
  • Bastion – September 13
  • Desert Child – December 2018
  • Undertale – September 18
  • Jackbox Party Pack 5 – October 2018
  • Transistor – November 2018
  • Dragon: Marked for Death – December 13
  • Light Fingers – September 20
  • Superbrothers – October 2018
  • Into the Breach – out today
  • The Messenger – August 30 – watch out for our review soon

You can watch the showcase below:


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