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Apple Arcade launched back in September and while many of its 100 + launch games were already announced, some of the games were relatively low key in their PR approach or for some like Grindstone, were totally unexpected. 

For content planning purposes these surprise announcements are somewhat sub-optimal although on the flip side, especially if they are from one of the bigger industry hitters, it does afford genuine periods of excitement. 

This is most certainly true for the very recent and unaccounted game Pilgrims which hit Apple Arcade and Steam over the last few days. Coming from Amanita Design, the Czech based independent studio responsible for Machinarium, well this is one piece of news well worthy of further coverage. 

Pilgrims plays out as point and click adventure with table top card playing elements within little story vignettes in what I’ll describe as a children’s story book like setting. 

Within each scene you need to solve a particular challenge with logic and experimentation. Once you’re successful you are given to items and characters which appear as playing cards which you can then use in other scenes and you move through the game. 

There’s hardly any text or on screen dialogue and you interact with other characters and things by kind of guessing, no more like assuming what’s being said and what’s required of you by way of movements and bubble like speech boxes showing items or objects.  It’s then up to you to see how best to solve these riddles and problems by using the cards you collect as you play. 


With a number  of options in how you move through it, Pilgrims has plenty of room for replay ability and it feels already set up for additional DLC content to be added in the future.  Yes it’s short with a play time of between 60 or 90 mins although for puzzle fans it’s fun, clever and thoroughly recommended. Pilgrims is out on Steam and Apple Arcade.

Note: Pilgrims was played on Apple Arcade using a personal account.  For information on the Get Indie Gaming Editorial guides, please see here.

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