Overcooked! 2 New Game Mode and Update Now Live!

One of our most loved party games of recent times, second only to Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Overcooked 2 has rolled out its first post launch content update. Available once you have completed the game for the first time, this new mode ratchets up the difficulty to a whole new level. For an overview of the antics you can get up to while playing, check out the trailer below:

Under this update, all of the kitchen encounters are marked out of four stars rather than three. Naturally enough such a change will demand even more skill and co-operation than it did before.  While we’ve yet to finish the game, we can’t really imagine getting anywhere near to the skills needed to pull off a four star service.

That’s not all, as well as this new game mode, there are a few “treats” for completing the game and also a few changes to make the overall experience that little bit better.  Players are now able to swap their chefs via the pause menu while on the world map. We love the sound of this little but not insignificant change. Given how much these chef characters add to the proceedings, being able to swap your kitchen hand from a unicorn to a mouse to a fox between levels is pretty darn cool.

A full overview of the updates and new things within the game can be found here. Overcooked 2 is available for purchase on for £19.99/€22.99/$24.99.


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