Over the Alps aims to Capture the Thrill of being a Secret Agent

Over the Alps is a World War II-era thriller that puts you in the shoes of a secret agent that’s looking to solve a grand conspiracy.

Set in the 1903s Switserland, the game presents itself by way of a collection of postcards sent from your character written to their sweetheart back home.  These postcards tell of your story, the people you meet and the things you discover.  You can see the trailer below:

We’re big fans of the art and design styles which are very much of their time.  Speaking to Edge Magazine, artist Joshua Callaghan said he “… was inspired by interwar Swiss design seen in travel posters, matchbooks, postcards, stamps and even beer matts, though I was keen to give it a modern twist to avoid pastiche”.  Callaghan continues, “I actually started with a more painterly approach but that quickly made the game feel cluttered.

Another less subtle influence on Over the Alps is the space-strategy game FTL. In Over the Alps you’re constantly being watched and tailed by the Spycatcher, who is quick to spot your errors and mistakes. Developer Samuel Partridge told Edge Magazine the team are “hoping to capture the tension of the chase as well as FTL did, along with the sense of being an underdog in enemy territory”.

Over the Alps is expected onto the PC and iOS towards the end of the year.

Source info: Edge Magazine: #321 August 2018, Page 14 & 15.


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