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No Man’s Sky Next: Time to Look at This Again?

No Man’s Sky Next: Time to Look at This Again?

For the record, Get Indie Gaming’s creative roots lie within the pre-launch and subsequent sub-optimal delivery of No Man’s Sky a little under two years ago. Aside from the odd bit of indie game coverage here and there, 95% of the content we put up on our YouTube channel was dedicated to coverage of the game.

When it launched as it did without many of the expected features, we played it for perhaps twenty hours all in before realising from a gameplay perspective, there wasn’t much going for it. Like many others, we soon stopped playing and went on to other things.

We have gone back from time-to-time although we haven’t looked too deeply into post launch updates with the addition of amongst other things base building, a most basic multiplayer or the introduction of capital ships.

Credit to Hello Games with the work that’s gone on since launch. It would have been all too easy for the team to quietly disband and go their separate ways to leave No Man’s Sky essentially dead on arrival. While the recent drip feed of info for the forthcoming update had us interested, we weren’t overly committed to going back.

That all changed once the new trailer dropped last week with it showing the basic elements of a genuine multiplayer, playing within the third person perspective other things such as underwater bases, ringed planets and the addition of what may be controllable Sentinels.

With No Man’s Sky Next, we have a reason once again to give the game another go. We’re honestly looking forward to starting again from scratch to experience on the face of things,  the No Man’s Sky we had all hoped it to be.

Edit: July 25th

For more information on the Patch Notes for this release, see our handy guide here.


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