Home News No Man’s Sky Next Update on PC, PS4 and Xbox – 1.5 Patch Notes

No Man’s Sky Next Update on PC, PS4 and Xbox – 1.5 Patch Notes

No Man’s Sky Next Update on PC, PS4 and Xbox – 1.5 Patch Notes

Version 1.5 brings the game closer to what many had hoped for:

The No Man’s Sky Next update is now live and out there in the wild. It’s a free download for owners of the PC and PS4 versions and comes bundled with the newly launched Xbox edition.

Alongside the previously announced multiplayer features, the new third-person mode and expanded base-building come many other quality of life changes. And these are all just the start of more to come in the following weeks, Hello Games added.

“This update marks the two year anniversary of No Man’s Sky, and a lot has changed,” the developer wrote in the introduction to version 1.5, called Next.

“This is an important next step on our journey.”

We spent some time earlier today going through the patch notes to see what’s newly available and to save you all the trouble, here’s a list of some of the more interesting changes:

No Man's Sky Next Patch Notes

Game Community Content

  • Soon after the release of No Man’s Sky NEXT, Hello Games has planned its first season of weekly content and community events.
  • This will be free for all players with no microtransactions (kudos aplenty). Players will be able to take part in these community missions to unlock new rewards and customisations.
  • Players will also be able to interact with Xbox One Mixer streamers by helping or hindering their gameplay. Um, that sounds kind of cool, no?
  • The developer notes that players will be able to travel through the game’s story cooperatively or on their own, for instance, alongside other online play and communication features.

Galactic Atlas Website

  • NEXT marks the launch of a new website dedicated to the community, which we’re calling the Galactic Atlas.
  • The site features points of interest in the No Man’s Sky Euclid Galaxy, and will grow in functionality and expand over time, in part through your feedback.
  • Key Regional Hubs are marked, with discovery statistics and community events appearing soon.

No Man's Sky Next Patch Notes

Crafting and Resources

  • All core substances and resources have been reworked and rebalanced to increase consistency and realism.
  • Planetary resources have been expanded, with unique substances and items to find and refine based on the planet’s biome and weather, as well as stellar classification.
  • Deployable tech can be picked up and carried in your inventory.
  • Crafting is deeper with the addition of buildable refiners. Convert raw substances into more valuable materials for constructing advanced products and base parts.
  • Experiment with refiner recipes to discover all the possibilities!

Procedural Tech

  • Discover unique procedurally generated technology to upgrade your Exosuit, Multi-Tool and Starships.

Exploration, Fauna and Flora

  • Find and excavate buried ruins with the Terrain Manipulator to unearth locked ancient treasures.
  • Use the Terrain Manipulator to locate buried technology modules and turn the salvaged components into new base parts with the Blueprint Analyser.
  • Some creature types will herd together, grazing and fleeing from danger as a group.
  • Creatures now respond more enthusiastically to being fed, recognising you as a friend and alerting nearby creatures to the food source.
  • Creature movements now appear more natural and intelligent, with improved AI and entirely revamped animations.
  • Sentinel behaviours and animations have been improved. Players can stand their ground in combat, or take advantage of the time between reinforcement waves to escape and find a place to avoid Drone scans and searches.

Phew! Made it this far? Many congratulations! Given the update and the continued work the team at Hello Games are pouring into their game, it seems fitting for

With any luck, this will be what No Man’s Sky needs to make a full recovery.


  1. Well, I can’t say they are not trying. Let’s see how the game ends, hopefully better than it came out

    • True. They could have taken the money and run. Full credit for their continued work on it. Looking forward to playing it soon.


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