Somerville, watch the new trailer for this dark sci-fi adventure game

Somerville is the next project from the co-founder of Inside studio, Playdead and animator Chris Olsen. Somerville is a dark sci-fi adventure game “that chronicles the lives of key individuals in the wake of a global catastrophe.”

Based on the above and the first teaser trailer from June of last year, there’s somewhat of a War of the Worlds atmosphere about it with touches of Flashback and Another World. Note the suggestion from the trailer of the side on approach to the gameplay.

“What will make it distinct,” said Olsen, “is how we develop the core mechanic. It takes something very simple, which is colour as a language and ruleset, and plays with how those variables work in the world.”

Given the critical acclaim of the output from Playdead, there’s no doubt plenty to look forward to here in Somerville. Given Playdead certainly take their time with their output, we may need to wait a while before seeing this out in the market.


    • It’s looking pretty awesome isn’t it. No idea when it’s coming out although it’s something we will keep an eye on as it develops.


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