Microsoft’s Xbox All Access Details – It’s a Stonkingly Good Deal!

Microsoft’s new All Access plan is said to be announced later today says a report by Venturebeat linking to a blog post from Microsoft.
Photo Credit: Microsoft

It’s a bold and courageous move looking to temp new comers and those wanting to upgrade onto their platform. Just like your traditional mobile or cellular deal, for 24 monthly payments Microsoft in the US will let you have an Xbox One or Xbox One S together with Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass for a lower retail cost than purchasing these products separately.

The Xbox One S plan comes in at $22 a month whereas the Xbox One X plan starts at $35.  On paper, the Xbox One S offering is the better option.  The Xbox Live and Game Pass are usually $10 a month each meaning you can essentially add $2 a month on top of this to get hold of an Xbox One S.  While costing a little more, the Xbox One X plan essentially offers customers the chance to pick up the console for $360. Remember the full retail for this bit of 4K kit is in excess of $500.

So why are Microsoft doing this and what’s the catch? There’s always a catch, right? Well the logic is simple and as far as we can tell, there isn’t a catch to speak of.  It’s all about getting more people into their ecosystem. Microsoft have struggled to get people onboard for this generations hardware and this is one heck of a carrot to get people to hand over their cash.  On a different note, their own research suggests those customers with Game Pass and Xbox Live services also tend to buy more games which in turn covers the costs of this type of subsidy model.

It’s all pretty clever and while it’s a “limited-time offer” in store only offering and subject to credit checks, it gives customers a really easy option to pick up a new piece of gaming hardware together with access to many, many games straight off the bat.

UPDATE: 18:50 CET: The Microsoft All Access website is now live.  See here for more information.


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