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Kind Words Lo Fi Chill Beats to Write To, to give it its full title,  came out a few days ago onto home computers this past September 12th.  In Kind words you play a character within a small bedroom who while able to write letters of their own, the real magic comes from your ability to select and read the letters of real people who’ve sent them out into the Kind Words community.

You can simply read these letters or choose to respond directly to the author. If the author likes your response they can send you a sticker by way of saying thanks. You can see a teaser trailer for Kind Words below:

During my playtime I read letters from a huge spectrum of topics from the Saturday soccer results to messages from people struggling with college debt, redundancies and struggles with mental health issues.

While it’s early days and there are methods in which to report abuse, I’ve seen no trolling to speak of and over the weekend just gone responses from letters were quickly undertaken, often in what felt like almost real time.

While there’s clearly the potential for issues, so far Kind Words is one of the most enjoyable and thought provoking games put out this year and in 2019, it’s up against some fantastic competition. Honestly, spend some time with Kind Words it’s just so very wonderfully different.

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