InkyPen’s Bringing Comic Books to your Switch

Perhaps a little off topic and yet really rather cool you will soon be able to add reading comic books to the list of things you can do on your Nintendo Switch. An app called InkyPen will launch in November, and will give you the ability to read thousands of comics on the device via a subscription.

InkyPen released a short teaser trailer a few days ago that shows off the app in action. Readers use the controls to scroll in and around the pages in both hand held and TV mode. A monthly subscription offering access to the material will cost $7.99 a month.

According to io9 on Gizmondo, the content will include comics from publishers like Andrews McMeel, Dynamite, IDW, les Humanoïdes Associés, Valiant, and others.  Sadly, and here’s a deal breaker for many, it won’t include the big two publishers like DC and Marvel. Given the draw for such content, it will be interesting to see how much cut through the folks at InkyPen will achieve when this lands later this year.


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