Top 5 Indie Games on Kickstarter – October 2018

Welcome to Get Indie Gaming and to our regularly monthly overview of 5 of the best looking games looking for funding via the Kickstarter crowdsourcing platform.

Coming up we have a visual point and click adventure novel, one of the most fun looking co-op couch games we’ve seen in a while and a sequel to a much loved game that launched in the summer of 2017.  While you’re here click on that like button and if you haven’t, now is an awesome time to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay in the loop with many things indie gaming.  With that, lets get going:

5. Super Combat Fighter

In fifth place for this September, Super Combat Fighter promises a 2D fighting game with digitized actors, over the top visuals and a line up of celebrity guest fighters all wrapped up together in a parody of the popular fighting games of the past such as Street Fighter and Mortal Combat.

You will be able to choose from 7 characters across 10 interactive stages with 4 modes including an extensive single player story mode with multiple endings and of course a local two player head to head matches with the ability to uncover unlockables, enter game altering cheat codes and of course pull off and string together punishing and deadly combo moves to help finish off your opponent.

The team are looking to raise thirty five thousand dollars with stretch goals to add more fighters to the roster and additional modes into the offering.  The campaign runs until midnight October 12thwith the game having a Q3 2019 launch time frame with it coming to the PC, PS4 and the Xbox box.

We’re hugely interested in seeing how well this offering is picked up and received by the fighting game community. After all, by the looks of Super Combat Fighter together with the relatively tongue in cheek approach to the campaign this has huge parody flashing lights all over it which we kinda like and we’re honestly looking forward to watching how the development on this progresses.

4 Nighthawks: Vampire RPG

Sunless Seas Writer Richard Cobbett and Wadjet Eye who have previously made a name for themselves with The Black Legacy and Unavowed have brought their next game, Nighthawks to Kickstarter and are looking to raise one hundred and twenty five thousand us dollars. Nighthawks is described as a mix of story driven RPG within an overall umbrella of being an undead life simulation which sounds as odd as it reads although we’re suitably intrigued hence it’s listing here in our runners up position for September.

Going back to the game Nighthawks will blend the lietary style of sunless seas the the dark atmosphere of beloved urban fantasy games such as Vampire Bloodlines where it looks to play like a modern adventure game with branching dialogue and character interactions.  At the time of writing with 5 or so days to go until the campaign wraps up, Night hawks is well over more than 50 percent of the way to reaching its goals.

The key platforms for Nighthawks will be the PC and the Mac although we suspect a port to consoles could be in on the cards should the kickstarter prove to pick up in the final days of its course.  All being well this one will come out towards the end of the first half of 2020

3 Bombfest

Looking for a rather modest seven thousand five hundred dollars and closing out towards the tale end of October, Bombfest is a cute as you like looking local multiplayer party game for up to 4 people featuring wall to wall explosions where players to battle against each other to be the last toy standing.

Each of the dozen or so battle arean’s are hand crafted and littered with what look to be childs toy building blocks that to many watching parents will be instantly recognizable.  Set to feature a simple to understand and learn two button controlling mechanic, Bombfest looks an utter delight and if all things go well with this round of funding, should launch onto the PC and all of the major consoles in the second week of the New Year.

Rewards include closed beta access, the soundtrack, a rather cool looking t-shirt right up to the option to design an in game character and bomb of your very own. While Bombfest still has a long way to go before the funding round closes, it’s already well on the way to getting over the line and we’re hopeful if successful, the team behind this one will look to raise additional funding with additional stretch goals.

2 The Darkside Detective: Season 2

In the runner’s up slot we have The Darkside Detective Season 2 which perhaps unsurprisingly is set to be the sequel to the original darkside detective which came out in the summer of last year. Looking to raise thirty five thousand euros or nearly forty one thousand us dollars, the campaign runs until October 12thwith the game expected in early 2020 on the PC, Switch and Mac OS.

Like the original, this comedic point and click adventure will have six cases at launch with each one offering somewhere in the region of 45 minutes of adventuring fun, quips and devilish tricks.  With the original game being a success, you might ask why the team are looking to kickstarter to raise funding for this sequel. Well Spooky Doorway explain that while the first game made them some money, mush of it was reinvested back into making more content and ports onto other systems such as the Nintendo Switch.  The money from this campaign will the developers say help fund the work that needs to be done for the sequal.

If you’re unsure of what to expect, you can download and play the first two cases of the original game for free with the link to do so on the campaigns kickstarter website. Rewards of course include copies of the game, artistic prints, stickers, t-shirts and five thousand dollars you can appear as a character within the game should you so choose.

As huge fans of the original, we wish the team behind this one every success with their campaign.

1 When the Shutter Stops

In our number 1 position for our September Kickstarter showcase we have When the Shutter Stops, a visual detective mystery novel with point and click adventure elements that plays out in a similar way to games such as the Ace Attorney series and draws inspiration from classic films such as The Maltese Falcon and Chinatown.

Looking for ten thousand us dollars before the funding round closes on October 24th, when the shutter stops sees you the player retrace the steps you took during your childhood as a former child detective. You play as Priscilla Vate within ten hours or so of this mystery investigative journey as you attempt to crack a case and put a newly released serial killer back behind bars.  In When the Shutter Closes where you’ll meet a wide array of interesting and colorful characters with four distinct story branches each having at least three different endings and featuring real locations and dynamic street art from the city of Philadelphia.

In addition to the main storyline, the game offers two option romance paths filled with double entendrus and unexpected outcomes. Stretch goals past the ten thousand dollars include additional scenarios with more crimes, characters and story line choices including extending the romantic aspects of the game.  Further voice acting and character animations are also on the cards should this campaign go past the original funding targets.

With a release date for the end of next year, When the Shutter Stops will come to the PC and perhaps Mac and Linux platforms.

Many Thanks for Reading 

As always we wish all of the games the best of success with hitting their goals and we will come back towards the end of October to re-cap on how they performed against their aims.  We hope you enjoyed this Septembers line up and if there’s anything you really like the look of, please let us know in the comments section below.   Many thanks for watching and we look forward to welcoming you back here soon for more indy game news and videos.


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