Guacamelle! 2 Gets a Release Date and Price Info

As recently featured in our Top 7 Indie Game Trailer Rundown of August, Guacamelle 2 has a release date and price info. Guacamelle 2 can be added to your Steam wishlist today and can pre-order from both Steam and the PSN for $19.99 when it launches this August 21st. The launch trailer can be seen in full below:

This follow up comes after more than 5 years since the original Guacamelle! came out on the PC, PS3 and Vita. The game was a critical and commercial success with several expanded editions, including Guacamelee!: Gold Edition and Guacamelee!: Super Turbo Championship Edition with the latter getting a limited edition physical releases for PS4.

Guacamelee! 2 is keeping the vibrant colours of the original while pushing things forwards with the addition of “drop-in 4 player local co-op,”.

While the original made its way onto the Vita there’s no word from the developers if the sequel will make its way onto the handheld.  Given the original made its way onto pretty much every platform out there, it seems highly likely the same thing will happen this time around as well.


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