Home Reviews Graveyard Keeper is a Black Comedy Hiding within a Farming SIM

Graveyard Keeper is a Black Comedy Hiding within a Farming SIM

Graveyard Keeper is a Black Comedy Hiding within a Farming SIM

We first picked up on Graveyard Keeper a few months ago during the final beta testing cycle and rather fell in love with its morbid and yet funny take on the village simulator genre. Sadly out of the beta and now in full lunch, the early premise falls short with its clunky execution and slow progression systems.

According to the team behind it, Graveyard keeper is the most inaccurate medieval cemetery simulator of the year which let’s be fair, is probably bang on the money.  Players are tasked with building and managing a graveyard with the end goal being to earn as much money as possible.

While a world away from the more usual farmyard setting, given we’re so well used to these type of simulators, the controls, visuals and game play feel familiar if as we have already alluded to, coming with a somewhat darker theme than the norm.

The easy, and by that read slightly dull way to play Graveyard Keeper comes by running your cemetery as an above board legit business by leaving the dead to rest in peace. However, there’s more money to be made by bending the rules somewhat.

Why bury the dead when you can toss them into the nearby river to save on burial plots? The local towns folk are partial to a good feed and there’s plenty of meat around so why not sell some of it into the food chain? While we’re at it, there’s money to be made from witch burning festivals and even quests to be had within the dungeons close to your graveyard.

If this all sounds a tad silly, well at times it is.  It’s not quite polished as some of the better known farming type sims and at times the progression feels slow and laborious, particularly in relation to the unlock process that is needlessly grindy.   That said, there are a few unique features here particularly with the story lines and activities associated with the Lord Inquisitor who can take a dim view into some of your business practices.

While there are finer examples of this type of simulator, Graveyard Keeper is a fun offering for the most part although as it plays today is tainted simply by the time taken to get things done.

Graveyard Keeper is available on SteamGOG and Humble for £15.49/16.79/$20


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