Get Indie Gaming’s Week in Review: August 12th, 2018

The Get Indie Gaming Week in Review is a collection of all the posts written here at, videos uploaded to our YouTube channel together with a selection of links to other things we found interesting this past week.  More generally these items are related to all things video games. On occasion we will look into other things such as lifestyle, news items etc etc etc Posts from the Past Week:

Here’s everything that made it onto the website this past very quiet week from us:





Ummmm……  sorry, this was one of those weeks where we really didn’t get much stuff done. We unpacked from moving out of the UK, but still, you know. We got sloppy content wise.

Things we found Interesting around the Internet:

  • Ninja talks about why he doesn’t stream with Women. Can’t agree with this stance. As the phrase goes, he’s not made of sugar.

Many thanks for reading, we hope you have an awesome what’s left of your day! Now we’re settled, We will be back next week with more content and videos – about time too!


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