Frostpunk adds a new Free Story DLC the Fall of Winterhome

The folks behind Frostpunk, 11 bit studios, have dropped a new and totally free story DLC.  Called the Fall of Winterhome, it tells a tale of what happened to Winterhome, one of the towns featured in the main campaign and how it fell.

Alongside this addition to this PC city-building game comes a smattering of new visuals, game mechanics and more. For a full overview of the updates, pop on over to the patch notes as detailed on the Frostpunk Steam homepage.

We’re rather fond of Frostpunk and having placed it within our recent Top 10 Indie Games of the year so far rundown, we’re keen to tackle this new scenario as soon as we’re able. It’s interesting to note Winterhome is the third update to Frostpunk since launch.

The first added a hard as nails Survivour Mode and the second offered additional in game customization options for people and machines.  Future updates are said to include a photo mode and the a Endurance mode with more slated to come later this year on onwards into 2019.


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