Home News First Look: Citrouille – A Modern Old School Arcade Game

First Look: Citrouille – A Modern Old School Arcade Game

First Look: Citrouille – A Modern Old School Arcade Game

Launching on Steam and Itch.io this coming 29th October, Citrouille is an arcade platformer that blends modern gaming mechanics while drawing inspiration from the classics of yesteryear.

Coming from the three person Lumen Section out of Versailles in France, work started in 2016 with their aim to revamp old arcade games from their childhood, particularly those from the Amiga era and along came Citrouille, French for pumpkin, as the game draws inspiration from Halloween imagery. You can see the trailer in full below:

Despite the somewhat childish appearance, the gameplay looks as challenging as we’ve seen since Celeste from earlier this year.  There’s no jump option and you need to rely on using magic ladders, spells and power ups to move forwards.  The story mode offers more than 50 levels within 5 unique worlds and all in all, everything here looks rather cute.

You play as either Praline or Vanille either alone or with a friend in a couch co-op mode. In this mode, the game offers an interesting twist whereby both players share the same overall health counter which should make for an interesting game play challenge.

There’s also a secondary versus mode where two to four player face off against each other again by way of couch co-op. Here we have a death match and a time limit option where the latter sees the player with the most on screen flowers when the time limit ends being crowned the winner.

Citrouille looks great fun and should be one for all ages and we’re looking forward to playing this in couch co-op mode from its launch.  While landing on the PC, the publishers Plug in Digital are looking to take this one onto consoles at some point soon.  Priced at $9.99 USD / €8.99 / £7.19 it will 20% discount during the first week.


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