Finji Showcases Wilmot’s Warehouse, A Game for People who like to Organise Stuff!

Finji, the fine people behind such wonderful titles as Night in the Woods, Overland and the forthcoming Tunic, have ever so quietly dropped the news of a new game coming to their stable. You can find the announcement trailer for Wilmot’s Warehouse below:

Expected at some point later this year, Wilmot’s Warehouse is a game set within the 1990s storage facility and features Wilmot, a fellow who is responsible for organizing and storing all of the products in the warehouse.

This one boils down to be a game for people who like to organise things.  Think of the vinyl scene with Rob Gordan in High Fidelity – does that sort of thing spike your interest?  Well if so this game should be a real hoot.

With over 500 products coming into the warehouse and with numerous upgrades together with a compelling electronic music soundtrack, it’s up to you where you arrange and store the goods. The trick is to find the best and most optimum storage arrangements.  Will you place the training shoes alongside the windmills or igloos?  Well that’s up to you to decide.

While there’s no info yet on which platform Wilmot’s Warehouse will ship on, we expect it on the PC and perhaps of course the consoles with the Switch being an obvious choice.  We suspect this could be a perfect game for on-the-go play and hopefully Wilmot’s Warehouse will join our morning commute rather soon.


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