Family Man Looks like Minecraft Meets Breaking Bad

Not expected to launch until 2019, Family Man looks an interesting offering from the team at No More Robots.  Taking its visual aesthetic from Minecraft, this first-person adventure takes place within a picturesque town by the sea and features a man with 30 days to pay off his debt to the mob.

You can earn the cash by any means possible be this via waged earnings (as our bank manager likes to say) or via other illegal ways. The game is expected to come to the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Quoted within PC Gamer, “For every decision that Family Man throws at you, there are different ways to handle it. Your moral compass must guide you, leading you to earn cash the legal, more difficult way—or instead break a few laws here and there,”  No More Robots said.

“Your choices impact how your family sees you, and can lead to your household becoming stronger than ever or may cause the breakdown of your marriage and relationship with your son.”

You can sign up for a closed beta of the game through the Family Man Discord channel and if you want to know more head on over to their website:


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