Everything from Today’s Surprise Nintendo Indie Game Presentation

With much of the world’s gaming press in mid transit to Gamescom 2018, Nintendo went all Nintendo and pulled out a surprise Nintendo Indie Game Presentation event.

More accurately called and billed as an Indie Highlights video, it featured a few things we already knew about and a handful of things we’re seeing for the first time. You can watch the highlight reel below:

Highlights for us include today’s launch of Bad North and Morphie’s Law. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom coming on November 6 and The Gardens Between lands on September 20. It’s also pretty darn cool to see Moonlighter coming out later this year, likewise This War of Mine coming in November. Here’s the full list of the information on the games and launch dates from the show:

Morphies Law – Out Now

Bad North – Out Now

Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition – Out Now

Prison Architect: Escape Mode DLC – Summer 2018

The Gardens Between – 20 September 2018

Windjammers – 23 October 2018

Windjammers 2 – 2019

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom – 6 November 2018

Moonlighter – Autumn 2018

This War of Mine – November 2018

Streets of Rogue – Winter 2018

Everspace: Stellar Edition – December 2018

Baba Is You – Autumn 2018

Slay the Spire – Early 2019

Night Call – Early 2019

Terraria – 2019

Awaiting Trailer 🙁

Once again, hats off to Nintendo for their continued support of indie games and the wider community.


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