Editorial Policy

Here at Get Indie Gaming we believe in full disclosure which means if I’m sent a review code or bought a game with my own money we promise to be upfront about it.

We do not accept financial incentives for coverage of any kind across this website, Twitter or YouTube. Should I engage within a financial relationship with a third party, I promise to disclose this.

We do not allocate scores for the games we review. we don’t think games should be classified into an arbitrary number, star rating or percentage. Readers will easily be able to tell from my reviews if I had fun or otherwise, adding a “7 out of 10” is neither here or there.

My review writing style and video delivery is entertainment focussed based on my subjective personal opinions. While I’m fans of academic styled reviews you won’t find them here.


Q) How do developers get in touch with Get Indie Gaming? Here’s a good place to start

Q) What platforms do you cover? PC and Consoles with mobile coverage from time to time.  We don’t cover VR games.

Q) How can I advertise with you? All our advertisements are handled via Adsense

Get Indie Gaming – Haarlem September 2019