Edgar, A Hermit Puzzlebox Adventure Announced for PC

Something we saw a few weeks ago, the French indie studio La Poule Noire unveiled Edgar, their debut title today ahead of its first publicly playable outing next month at Gamescom 2018.

The narrative driven sandbox puzzle adventure game revolves around Edgar, an ageing outcast who is forced to reconnect with the world after his farm runs into a little spot of bother.  You can see a little bit of Edgar below with a trailer on its way soon.


Edgar will be coming to PC, offering a puzzlebox that allows players to solve puzzles as you go about your business.  A hermit at heart, Edgar is content with life on his peaceful farm, but when a crisis occurs he is forced to face his biggest fear; going out of his farm and interacting with the people of the little town of Balzac where he lives.  In doing so, Edgar finds the towns folk are just as eccentric as he his.

As huge puzzle fans and narrative games, we’re very much looking forward to seeing more of this as details emerge.  The premise here of the shy hermit needing to go well outside his comfort zone is pretty interesting.

We’re also keen to find out a little more what’s going on with these chickens. According to the teaser, “the perfect man is a chicken”.

Well ok, if you say so.


  1. I also find the the premise super interesting, and I love the art style. I hope to see more information about it soon.

    • Naturally we’re with you on this. As soon as we have anything more we will cover it here on the website.


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