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Donut County – The Get Indie Gaming Review

Donut County – The Get Indie Gaming Review

Sometimes it’s just easier to say things as they are so rather than sugar coat this preamble,  let’s get this out in the open straight away.

Donut County is an odd and yet wonderful little game featuring a few puzzles and a donut shaped hole.  It’s out now on the PS4, PC and iOS.  You control and move the hole placing it underneath objects small enough to fall into it. As the hole swallows more items, it gets larger enabling you to gobble up yet bigger items.  While you start off sucking in footballs, traffic cones and the like, it’s not too long before you are able to take on chickens, cars, out houses and even whole buildings.

Donut County Review
Picture Credit: Ben Esposito

As you progress you gain a modicum of further control over the hole with upgrades enabling you to solve a number of interesting and yet relatively simple puzzles.  With a catapult, you’re able to throw objects back out of the hole. These are used to interact with items such as switches and levers to open and close doors and shelves.  Other puzzles see you using water to burn out electrical switches, fireworks to scare away birds and our personal favourite, a dirty great big Ferris Wheel.

As we mentioned above, the puzzles are relatively straightforward. We played Donut County as a family with children aged 7 and 4. While the 4 year old was happy laughing at the silly looking characters and the sight of a Racoon sitting in a rest room, the 7 year old after a bit of thought solved all but a handful of the tasks put in front of him.

Donut County Review PS4
Picture Credit: Ben Esposito

Aside from sucking things into a hole, the game offers an at times touching story with well written dialogue and characters.  Each level begins with a little banter between a group of people the hole has sucked under ground with the focus on raccoon called BK who is responsible for all the chaos and goings on in Donut County.

While Donut County is relatively short, coming in at under two hours, these 120 mins flew by in one easy sitting. We all really enjoyed our play through with the silliness of sucking things into the hole staying fresh throughout.  We would liked to have seen a few harder puzzles although for what Donut County offers, it does it well, it’s great fun to play and should be a real hit for any youngsters from ages of 3 up to say 12 years old.

Review Notes

We purchased a full retail copy of Donut County from the PS4 Sony online Store.

Developer: Ben Esposito
Publisher: Annapurna Interactive
Platforms: PlayStation 4, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems


    • The dialogue in parts is very clever and the characters are such fun. Thanks for reading and for making the time to pass comment.


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