Donut County Launches August 28th on PC, PS4 & iOS

Annapurna Interactive, the publisher behind What Remains of Edith Finch, Florence, and Gorogoa, has announced the decidedly odd but interesting looking physics puzzler, Donut County will launch on the PS4, PC, and iOS on August 28th.

Put together by Ben Esposito, Donut Country is inspired by Keita Takahashi’s Katamari Damacy, with its low-poly art style and general look and feel. However,  rather than eating up the world by way of rolling it into a ball, Donut County sees you play as a hole and has you swallowing everything around that’s on screen into it.

You begin as a tiny little spec of a hole, just about able to suck up a grain of rice and yet with  each item you consume,  you increase your size until you’re able to see away homes, cars, trees and apartment buildings.

Alongside gameplay, the new Donut County’s launch trailer shows us the game’s characters who live at the bottom of the hole, having been sucked into it at an earlier date.  We also get to see who is responsible for all this mayhem. Turns out there’s a Racoon in charge of the carnage who goes by the name of BK. Here he is, engaging in some throne based playtime. As for bringing a coffee into the bathroom – why, just why.  Anyway.

Donut County Launch Date

As Esposito out it in a post to the PlayStation blog, “Before the town gets destroyed by holes, BK & Mira work together at a donut shop that turns out to be a front for the trash-stealing Raccoon Company. While Mira turns the other cheek, BK gets sucked into the job of opening up holes to steal his friends’ houses. And that’s just the beginning.”

Esposito says he can’t wait for people to try his “really funny and unique game about holes, donuts, and idiot raccoons” when it releases on PC, PS4, and iOS on August 28th.


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