Defenders of Ekron the Definitive Edition comes to PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Out today 7th August, Defenders of Ekron the Definitive Edition comes to the PC, PS4 and for the first time ever for the Xbox One priced at €12.99/$12.99/£9.99. It’s also the first time a version of the Defenders of Ekron is available for European console players.

In Defenders of Ekron you are a pilot of an Anakim, the most powerful and advanced mechs of Ekron. Those advanced pieces of high-tech possess a unique ability called Isvara that allows them to absorb the energy of their environment to channel it in devastating attacks.

Unfortunately, our Anakim is not able to develop its Isvara, so we will be completely helpless before the appearance of a group of Renegade Anakim pilots who threaten to destroy the established order. The launch trailer can be found below:

Defenders of Ekron Definitive Edition players will enjoy a dark plot, full of secrets along 10 missions among the following features:

  • A sci-fi strong narrative experience with an innovative mixture between the “adventure” and “shoot’em up” genres including dungeons and exploration.
  • Take up the special abilities of your enemies and create your own combat style according to your preferences.
  • Improve the skills of your Anakim using the Oxus that you get from the different missions and challenges.
  • Test yourself in more than 50 challenges available in the Training Room.
  • Complete your database with information about your enemies, objects and lost documents. In addition, you can unlock the soundtrack created by the Chilean band, Action Replay.
  • Play the mini-game “Invaders of Ekron”, a vertical shoot’em up with 8-bit retro style.
  • Unlock the Boss Rush Mode and compete for the highest score by taking down every boss in a frenetic and action-packed gameplay.


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