Darkside Detective Season 2 Hits 60% of its Kickstarter Goal.

With as this article goes out 17 days to go in it’s Kickstarter campaign, The Darkside Detective Season 2 has hit 60% of its  $35,000 / €35,000 / £31,100 goal. So far more than 750 people have backed the project with the hope of the game coming to the PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android Mac and Linux sometime in early 2020.

Like the original, The Darkside Detective Season 2 will offer a point and click gameplay and will come with six cases at launch.  Each case will offer somewhere in the region of 45 minutes of playtime and  plenty of “adventuring fun, quips, clicks and devilish tricks.”  If you haven’t played the original, you can pick up the first two cases for free via this link here.

The Kickstarter campaign runs until October 12th so there’s plenty time for this one to secure the funding it needs to make this one a goer.


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