Darkside Detective Season 2 Announcement Teaser Trailer

Well there’s not much to go on although the rather wonderful people at Spooky Doorway have taken to Twitter to tease a second season to the rather wonderful Darkside Detective. You can find a copy video teaser below with it pointing to a Kickstarter campaign due relatively soon:

So what do we know about following this little tease? Well it seems highly likely the Kickstarter will begin sometime early September. We also understand the first two cases from the original season 1 will be available as a free demo when the campaign goes live.

Season 1 of Darkside Detective is an enjoyable micro-adventure game available on PC, Mac & Linux.  It consists of a series of humorous bite-size investigations into the occult and features a cracking soundtrack and mighty fine pixel art.

Here’s looking forward to seeing more of this over the next couple of weeks.


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