Cant afford a stand at EGX? Well there’s always this option.

So, what do you do when you can’t afford to showcase your game with a booth at EGX? Well, you could do nothing about it, stay at home and clean the fish tank. That said, you could do what these developers did and go build a fully functional arcade unit that you can wear and walk around the show floor with it on your back.

That’s exactly what indie duo miniBeast Games did to showcase their debut title Must Dash Amigos at this year’s EGX. The wonderfully crafted costume was even themed to the game, and whilst the Piñata Arcade was not full of candy, it was the only game that could high five you back!


miniBeast Games is a two person team from Cambridge, England and the idea for this costume came from the game’s designer, Anthony Brunton-Douglas.

"There are so many awesome gaming events that we’d love to attend but the price soon adds up. We wanted to think of a way we could afford to go to more and this felt like the best solution." 


Must Dash Amigos is out already on the Xbox One and PC with a Nintendo Switch version due to follow very soon. The game itself is a light-hearted and humorous battle racer with a cute cartoon aesthetic. Racing on foot through wacky worlds using crazy weapons, the influence of titles like Mario Kart and SpeedRunners is evident. With its classic pick-up-and-play style, the game suited its Arcade encasement perfectly.


The walking booth went down a real treat at EGX where I cant help but wonder how lucky they were not to be given their marching orders from venue security.

Nicely played Gentlemen. Very nicely played.

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