Call of Cthulhu Shows off an Hour of New Gameplay

Coming this October 30th via Steam and hot on the heels of The Sinking City, the team bringing us Call of Cthulhu have dropped a new gameplay video of the game’s first hour.

While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen footage from this exploration and detective offering that’s based on the Chaosium tabletop RPG, it does showcase a number of areas and questions we’ve had on the overall gameplay.

It’s perhaps not the easiest hour of footage to watch. The commentary with its upbeat tones done gel too well with the underlying menace of the on screen atmosphere but still, overall its well presented.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway comes from the overview of how leveling up your player attributes impacts on what you can do in the game.

Call Of Cthulhu will be out on October 30th at £40/€45/$45


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