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Hi there and welcome to Get Indie Gaming. We are based out of Haarlem in the Netherlands and we have a simple goal.

We are looking to showcase indie games to as wide an audience as possible and by doing so act as a window into this scene as it continues to flourish. So, what can you expect from us over the months and years to come?

We plan to continue to grow our YouTube Channel and use this website to offer indie game reviews, news, features and developer interviews. While the site is still small, the content will come from the two of us here at Get Indie Gaming. As it grows, we hope to expand to the point where we can offer paid for writing gigs although that might be some time in the future although it’s best to aim big, right?

If you have any news or any other ideas you might like to see on the site, this is how to get in contact with us.

Get Indie Gaming

July 15th 2018 Haarlem, NL

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