1979 Revolution: Black Friday Coming to Consoles from July 31

1979 Revolution: Black Friday, the multi award winning and BAFTA nominated interactive game launches onto consoles this July 31 (PS4 NA), August 1 (PS4 EU), August 2 (Nintendo Switch) and August 3 (Xbox).

Created by iNK Stories, the entertainment studio co-founded by Rockstar Games alumni Navid Khonsari, 1979 Revolution: Black Friday immerses players in the turbulent real-world events of the Iranian uprising. Check out the trailer below:

Described by Kotaku as “ground-breaking and important”, 1979 Revolution: Black Friday has received widespread acclaim for its gripping narrative and accurate portrayal of a pivotal moment in the history of the Middle East.

Set in 1978 Tehran, you play as Reza Shirazi, a young photojournalist who returns home to find his people protesting the ruling King, the Shah. Armed with your camera, you capture the emotionally-charged stories and events unfolding on the streets and in the shadows.

As you’re pulled deeper into the dangerous world of civil unrest and revolution, the fate of those around you becomes intrinsically linked to the decisions you make and the path you choose to follow.

To ensure 1979 Revolution offers an authentic retelling and framing of events, iNK Stories conducted exhaustive research during the game’s development. The team interviewed more than 40 people of all ages, and with varying political and religious beliefs.  These people ranged from from Iranian academics to prisoners who were held at Evin Prison (a location which features in the game).

1979 Revolution: Black Friday is written and directed by Navid Khonsari, a game development veteran who has worked on a lengthy list of best-sellers, including GTA: Vice City, Alan Wake and Resident Evil 7.

We played this back towards the end of 2016 and found it an intense and emotional experience that offers a captivating approach to a key moment in history that by the end had us completely enthralled.


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